Licensing Tips Part 3: Auto-LogOut Feature

UniCam Security now supports an Auto-Logout feature for both UniCam FX v9.2+ and Test Expert v9.3+. By default, the auto-logout is set to enabled, with a value of 10 minutes. This is a User level setting found in the Properties dialog for each user when in the “Security and Licensing” tool.

Auto-LogOut Feature

If you want to disable all users (or enable all users), you can use the “Secset.exe” utility found in folder where the security software is installed on the license server, (by default “C:\Unicam Security”).  To do this:

1. Open an Administrative Command Prompt on the license server.

2. Navigate to your Unicam Security” folder. CD C:\Unicam Security

3. The possible command lines for the utility are:

SECSET AUTOLOGOUT ON : Enable autologout for all users

SECSET AUTOLOGOUT OFF : Disable autologout for all users

You can also now use this command line:

SECSET AUTOLOGOUT ON 60 : This will enable auto-logout for all users, and set to 60 minutes (or whatever you specify).

If Security & Licensing Admin tool is open when you run the SECSET utility, you will need to close and re-open the Security Admin tool to see the changes.

Have more licensing questions? Be sure to read Part 1 (Installing a New License) and Part 2 (Replacing a License File).

Gerber Expert 9.5 Now Available for Download

We are proud to announce the availability of Gerber Expert 9.5. This release contains many new features and user-requested enhancements to get the most out of your Gerber Expert software investment.

Gerber Expert 9.5- Key Release Highlights

Assembly Reverse Engineering

  • “Part Identification by Package”- Identify components more quickly with predefined packages. Add to the default package definition file to customize your own requirements.
  • “Select Packages”- Run identification on selected parts only.

Convert Customs to Intrinsic

  • Automatically detect Cadence custom thermals as standard intrinsic thermals. Import the negative plane connections as Thermals automatically for improved job processing.

Color Bar

  • Two new right-click options added for easy viewing


  • Sort parts by part number in the Navigator

Macro Enhancements

  • DESIGNCOMPARE macro now works with string variables; and also has Help and Keyword within the developer
  • Doubled the number of macro files that can be loaded- up to 256 files

For More Information

View the Full “What’s New” Document here.

Ready to Download Gerber Expert 9.5?

Follow this link to the extraction package. You will need your Siemens webkey to log in. For information on creating your webkey login, follow Step One in this post here.

If you have any questions or need support with downloading or installation, please don’t hesitate to use our support request form, or call 855-642-2848 Option 2.