Introducing Repair Station

Your test equipment can do more than just detect a defect. Capture data, accelerate repairs, identify trends and increase yields with Test Expert Repair Station from Siemens PLM Software.

Are you finding bad quality trends for a production build well after production is finished and it’s too late to address it?

Do your Test Technicians have to re-troubleshoot the same problem multiple times because they have no easy way to review relevant history for a test failure?

Is your management team looking at quality data that is several days old by the time they see it?

If so, there is an easier way…

Repair Station, a subset of our eMES for Electronics solution, captures data from your Automated Test Equipment and presents it graphically for your team to troubleshoot and log defects. It uses the data captured to deliver real-time reports, enabling you to make faster decisions and better products.

Easy to Use – Point & Click to make changes, view and log defects and repairs.

Helps to Troubleshoot Defects – Repair Advisor gives you insight into defect history and assists in discovering the root cause.

Real-time Reporting – Run reports on virtually any criterion to see trends in action so you can take meaningful and immediate corrective action.

Watch the video to learn more.

If you still have questions or would like to take a closer look at Repair Station, give us a call at 855-642-2848 or send us an email.

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