Increase Yields from ICT Results with Test Expert Repair Station

Your test equipment can do more than just detect a defect. Capture data, accelerate repairs, identify trends and increase yields with Test Expert Repair Station from Siemens PLM Software.

I’m curious. How much did your tester cost you? $500K (or somewhere in that ballpark)? And what does it do for you? Just find defects? If so, I imagine it’s hard to quantify its return on investment, other than “testing is critical to our business.”

Your Test Equipment Can Do So Much More

Your test equipment can do so much more than detect defects. Get real-time results to your technicians while providing complete management visibility through live, web-based reporting to:

  • Troubleshoot errors
  • Trigger trend alarms
  • Initiate root cause analysis

Test Expert Repair Station Does All That and More

Test-Expert-Repair-StationWith the ability to connect to virtually any ICT, Flying Prober or AOI / X-Ray Tester, Test Expert Repair Station bridges the gap between what your tester detects and how the information is used downstream.

The intuitive graphical interface presents your circuit board for easy analysis and disposition of defects, PCB debug, and cross-probing between layout and schematic view. The solution includes a Repair Advisor to give a statistical analysis of actions taken on defect codes against specific board components. KPI-related data is readily available from your test equipment to evaluate historical or in-process quality data.

To learn more about Test Expert Repair Station, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!