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    MES / Quality Control for Electronics Manufacturing

With ever-shrinking margins and increased competition, having control of your process and maintaining levels of quality control is essential to winning new business, growing existing relationships and sustaining profitability.

Stringent quality and regulatory demands require a strict traceability process. Traceability of your process and materials down to the component level on the PCB, all the way through upper-level box assembly is critical to meeting these compliance standards. How do you track those processes while simultaneously delivering a multitude of new products in record time? How do you keep up with growing product complexity while maintaining a competitive cost structure?

Many ERP and generic MES systems claim to meet traceability and compliance needs. However, those systems were not designed with electronics manufacturing in mind and often fall short of capturing the process in its entirety, resulting in the need for additional fragmented systems, data silos, and increased implementation costs.

Opcenter Electronics MES has been specifically designed and developed for the Electronics Manufacturing industry.

It not only includes the tools necessary to provide this proof of process, it understands the processes and variables inherent to the industry. Opcenter Electronics MES captures the entire process from receiving in the stock room, through PCB assembly and manufacturing, all the way through to merging the PCB with upper-level assemblies, shipping and managing customer returns.

Opcenter Electronics MES addresses these critical issues by providing the most commonly used manufacturing process management solution for designing, optimizing, managing and embedding the New Product Introduction (NPI) process, seamlessly combining and integrating it with production execution on the shop floor and the outsourcing business process at the single plant, corporation, or extended enterprise levels.

Key Features and Benefits of Opcenter Electronics MES

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