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In the electronics manufacturing business today, the first and fastest to market wins. Your NPI (New Product Introduction) process is critical to maintaining profitability and winning business. Having an automated and documented NPI process allows you to build trust and establish a clear partnership with the OEM.

Valor is the most commonly used NPI software tool for the design and optimization of PCB assembly processes. By greatly simplifying the process of merging your CAD data and Bill of Material, Valor enables you to generate machine programs accurately and efficiently for various types of equipment, including SMT, ATI, AOI, X-Ray, and hand assembly. Valor is vendor-agnostic, which means you can use one tool to program mixed-vendor lines. Valor also provides world-class, template-driven documentation capabilities for generating work instructions and visual aids for the entire PCB assembly process.

Key Features and Benefits of Valor Process Preparation

Supporting over 65 CAD input formats and providing a complete Gerber Data converter, Valor has the most comprehensive CAD importer suite in the industry. Combined with Valor’s flexible BOM wizard, the process of merging CAD data with a current Bill of Materials has never been simpler. Importing a new rev BOM into an existing job quickly and clearly highlights changes that have been made from the previous revision.

65+ CAD IMPORT FORMATS Eliminate the need for costly translators using Valor’s comprehensive importer.

FLEXIBLE BOM IMPORT Supports any delimited or fixed-width BOM. Set up as many format definitions as you need to support different BOM structures from your various customers.

EASY ECO UPDATES Quickly identify changes to the Bill of Materials during the import process when importing new revisions.

Valor Process Prep has been a forerunner in the CAM programming space since its inception. Because of this long tenure in the industry, Valor has a wide range of support for machines old and new. Valor offers several levels of programming support for the various SMT equipment, including basic line balancing using general cycle time information up to very detailed parametric optimization using the kinematic simulation of the machine. There are also options for multi-job optimization to create common set-ups for multiple products.

Because Valor Process Prep is vendor-agnostic, this program support is available on mixed-vendor lines.

OVER 150 MACHINE INTERFACES Support for modern technologies as well as the older and more eclectic machines

VENDOR AGNOSTIC Programming support for mixed-vendor lines

MULTI-JOB SETUP Create common set-ups for multiple products on the same line.

Speed up your AOI process with the same tool you use to program your placement equipment.

Not limited to programming placement equipment, Valor also supports programming various models of AOI and X-Ray machines.

CENTRALIZED LIBRARY Associate component packages with their profiles on your AOI and X-Ray using a centralized library for each machine vendor.

MACHINES SERVED Easily control which components are included in your program using a list of machines served by each AOI or X-Ray machine.

Valor offers interfaces to support automated through-hole equipment, such as axial, radial, and DIP inserters, as well as semi-automated machines like Royonics and balancing of hand assembly lines.

CENTRALIZED LIBRARY Associate component packages with their profiles for your through-hole assembly equipment using a centralized library for each machine vendor.

SEQUENCER SUPPORT Both on-line and off-line sequencers are supported for the various ATI machines that use them (such as Universal and Panasonic Axial inserters).

Your documentation process is a key component in your New Product Introduction operation. Handling multiple project folders and papers can be both time-consuming and error-prone, potentially resulting in missed delivery dates and defective products.

Valor’s powerful template-driven documentation tools create work instructions in minutes rather than hours or days. Using templates forces standardization of the look and feel of your documents. Using the CAD drawing and database information for the job, 80% of your content is automatically populated the moment you load your template. The remaining 20% of content will be the specific images and notes that are relevant only to that specific product, which you will add after the template is loaded.

STANDARDIZED LOOK & FEEL Use templates to enforce standardized document formats.

EASY ECO UPDATES 80% of your document content is driven directly from the job database. Anytime a new BOM is loaded, and part assignments are changed, your documents are automatically updated.

Insert hyperlinks into your documents to quickly navigate to web URLs, files on your network, or other views in the job. Use dynamic callouts to highlight and magnify a section of the board.

GO PAPERLESS Valor Doc Viewer provides the operator with read-only access to all interactive features of the job: search for parts, use hyperlinks, look up part information, etc.

Having full confidence that a PCB design is ready for production even before the first component is placed can be critical to the efficiency and profitability of high-mix PCB assembly operations.

The Design for Assembly (DFA) module of Valor is the most complete printed circuit board (PCB) assembly management solution available today. Creating a digital twin of the PCB provides complete insight into potential manufacturing issues before production begins.

AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING CHECKS Valor DFA executes a series of automatic checks and measurements on the critical characteristics of the board to highlight potential manufacturing issues, including fabrication, assembly, and panel arrays.

ELIMINATES COSTLY ISSUES Allows for proactive problem-solving early in the product life cycle that creates substantial cost savings and improvements.

DFA REPORTING Easy results viewing and filtering, with a smart report generator for easy feedback.

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