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Valor PP for Test fully automates test engineering associated with new product introduction processes for PCB assembly. At work in more than 1,500 customer sites, Valor PP for Test is the most widely-used solution of its kind for electronics manufacturers.

With its fast, user-defined nail/probe selection routine and comprehensive suite of nail rules to handle any test scenario, Valor PP for Test offers complete flexibility and control during fixture design and when programming your ICT / Flying Probes machines.

Key Features and Benefits of Valor Process Preparation

Drastically reduce the amount of machine time used to develop a test program by creating accurate and complete ATE programs for ICT and Flying Probe, AOI and X-Ray using Valor PP’s user-configurable, comprehensive machine configurations.

65+ MACHINE INTERFACES Supports more than 100 different machine configurations

CONFIGURABLE MACHINE SETUP Customize the settings in your Valor PP machine configuration to match the machine settings actually used in production.

EASY ECO UPDATES Quickly respin your program after importing a new BOM into Valor PP. Reuse your nail selection from a previous version of the job to compare to the new version.

DFT analysis early in the design phase is critical to developing a viable product. Clear and fast communication between the OEM and EMS providers is crucial to a successful New Product Introduction project. Valor PP supplies advantages to both parties.

For OEMs: Frequently, design engineers skip or avoid doing DFT analysis themselves due to their lack of knowledge and/or experience in the DFT process. Because Valor PP is so prevalent in the marketplace, OEM designers are often able to get the nail rules profile from their manufacturer (who is already using Test Expert), allowing them to run the analysis themselves without being intimately familiar with test engineering.

For EMS providers: Get involved earlier in the design process and strengthen your customer relationships by offering DFT as a service using Valor PP’s flexible and comprehensive tools. If your OEM is already using Valor PP, simply share your nail rules profile to speed up the DFT process.

COMPREHENSIVE NAIL RULES Used to determine a test node’s accessibility, Valor PP’s comprehensive nail rules have been developed over the last 30 years with input from customers and industry experts using Valor PP in real-world operations.

PORTABILITY & COLLABORATION Nail rules can be shared between the OEM and EMS provider, resulting in synergistic DFT from early in the design phase to production.

AUTOMATED DFT REPORTS Quickly provide a structured and easy-to-understand customer-facing summary of your DFT results using Valor PP’s automatically generated testability report. Use the interactive status report to analyze your testability results and confirm their accuracy before finalizing your report.

Utilizing over 40 interfaces and supporting over 65 CAD input formats, Valor PP has the most comprehensive CAD importer suite in the industry. Combined with Valor PP’s flexible BOM wizard, the process of merging CAD data with a current Bill of Materials has never been simpler. Importing a new rev BOM into an existing job quickly and clearly highlights changes that have been made from the previous revision.

65+ CAD IMPORT FORMATS Eliminate the need for costly translators using Valor PP’s comprehensive importer.

FLEXIBLE BOM IMPORT Supports any delimited or fixed-width BOM. Set up as many format definitions as you need to support different BOM structures from your various customers.

BOM DATA EXTRACTION Make key information useable by parsing key attributes, such as value and tolerance, from one field (description) to populate those specific attributes for your test parameters.

EASY ECO UPDATES Quickly identify changes to Bill of Materials during the import process when importing new revisions.

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