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Now Available for Download: UniCam FX 11

We are pleased to announce the availability of UniCam FX Version 11. See below for what’s new, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or support needs.

What’s New in UniCam FX 11


CAD Recognition

An optional feature, the new CAD recognition function automatically detects the CAD file being read into UniCam FX. Users no longer have to know the file source or search to find the exact CAD file type.

XML Reporting

The familiar Crystal Reports are being replaced with cascading style sheets (CSS) and XML data.  This new reporting feature allows users to easily customize reports using standard XML style sheet transformations (XSLT). Transform your XML documents into other XML documents, or other formats such as HTML for webpages, plain text or into XSL formatting objects, which may subsequently be converted to other formats, such as PDF, postscript  and PNG.

Usability Improvements
  • Quickly access current job directory from Quick Menu
  • Insert Classes are stored for easy access throughout UniCam FX
  • Wildcard search capability added to fiducials, form filtering, select parts dialogs
  • “Edit Part” dialog now accessible from the toolbar
  • License Usage Report allows users to see which licenses are in use (and by whom)



Support for the latest CYBEROPTICS solder paste machines


Creates a recipe to be imported into the Panasonic KME PT200 software


UniCAM FX 11 has been validated on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.


Below are the links to download. You will need your active webkey to log in. Also, please note that the Siemens Download Server was updated and may look unfamiliar to you. Read more about the update here.

Client Download

32-bit Server Install

64-bit Server Install

Have questions or need help with installation? Don’t hesitate to reach us using our support form, or by calling 855-642-2848 (option 2).

**UPDATE** If you are running UniDoc and/or ViewStation, please read the special client installation guidelines here.

About UniCam FX: The most commonly used NPI software tool for design and optimization of PCB assembly processes, UniCam FX covers the entire NPI process, from CAD and BOM import through recipe generation, and supports single-platform and mixed vendor lines. Learn more here.