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Valor for SMT

PCB Assembly Programs, Work Instructions, and DFA

Maximize the uptime and throughput of your lines and continuously improve your NPI process with Valor Process Preparation

In the electronics manufacturing business today, the first and fastest to market, wins. Your NPI (New Product Introduction) process is critical to maintaining profitability and winning business. Having an automated and documented NPI process allows you to build trust and establish a clear partnership with the OEM.

Valor is the most commonly used NPI software tool for design and optimization of PCB assembly processes. Greatly simplifying the process of merging your CAD data and Bill of Material, Valor enables you to generate machine programs accurately and efficiently for various types of equipment including SMT, ATI, AOI, X-Ray, and hand assembly. Valor is vendor agnostic, which means you can use one tool to program mixed-vendor lines. Valor also provides world-class, template-driven documentation capabilities for generating work instructions and visual aids for the entire PCB assembly process.

Key Features and Benefits of Valor Process Preparation

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