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    Gerber Data Design Review & Conversion

The ability to reverse engineer Gerber data quickly and accurately is critical for electronics manufacturers.
The most common format supplied to PCB manufacturers, Gerber is frequently the only file format provided to the circuit board manufacturer, either because the CAD file is unavailable or the customer is unwilling to provide the original. Because Gerber data is “non-intelligent”, it contains only drawn lines and pad flashes with no correlations to the parts, nets and routes in the circuit. This presents a problem for manufacturers in that all equipment must be programmed manually, requiring exponentially more time than if they had the correct data.

Gerber Expert solves this problem.

With Gerber Expert, you can quickly identify the lines and pads in your Gerber file that define components, part parameters, and connectivity. Components and board information, including all nets, vias, test points, etc., are automatically extracted from the Gerber data. You can then export this data into many formats including Fat-f, the industry standard, generic CAD format owned by Siemens PLM Software.

Using any of the five unique levels of automated footprint/component identification, you will be able to quickly and easily reverse engineer your PCB. With the right data set, you can complete the entire process for even your most complex/high-density boards in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Key Features and Benefits of Gerber Expert

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