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Tech Tip: Convert Cadence .BRD File from Binary to ASCII for UniCam & Test Expert

Are you having trouble importing a Cadence .BRD file into UniCam FX or Test Expert? If so, this post is for you. First, a quick explanation on file types: ASCII vs. Binary There are 2 types of file formats: ASCII and Binary. (Read more about the differences here.) UniCam and Test Expert accept the ASCII […]

Increase Yields from ICT Results with Test Expert Repair Station

Your test equipment can do more than just detect a defect. Capture data, accelerate repairs, identify trends and increase yields with Test Expert Repair Station from Siemens PLM Software. I’m curious. How much did your tester cost you? $500K (or somewhere in that ballpark)? And what does it do for you? Just find defects? If […]

Licensing Tips Part 1: Installing a New License

Licensing is one of the most common support topics to come through our support line.  Now that we have a vehicle for sharing information with the world, I have put together a 4-part series on common licensing questions and their answers. This article is the first in the series, and will guide you through your […]

Develop Your Test Expert-ise: Test Expert Training 5/18-5/21!

If you’re ready to get the most out of your Test Expert investment, be sure to join us for a 4-day Test Expert training event in San Jose, May 18th-21st! By the end of the course, you’ll be able to: Automate DFT Results– Generate and analyze DFT results in MINUTES Minimize Programming Time– Quickly generate […]